Annetta Weatherhead Fund for Reiche School

About Annetta Weatherhead Fund for Reiche School

The Annetta Weatherhead Fund for Reiche School provides flexible and easily-accessible financial resources to improve the lives of Reiche Elementary School students and enhance their educational opportunities. The Fund is named for Annetta Weatherhead who epitomizes the underlying spirit and intent of the Fund; a daily ‘all-in’, ‘whatever-it-takes’ approach to support the school and student success.

In a city facing an unprecedented influx of asylum seekers as well as an acute housing shortage, Reiche School is amongst the communities most affected. In the spring of 2023, over 20% of Reiche students are experiencing homelessness. 82% of Reiche students qualify for free and reduced lunch. 49% are English language learners (ELL). There are almost 30 languages spoken at Reiche School. Reiche's immigrant families come from countries such as Angola, the Congo, El Salvador, and Honduras.

Recently, this fund has paid for things such as basic needs for struggling families (food, shelter, furniture), scholarships to summer camps, and therapeutic horseback riding.